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Nuhop has a lot to offer.

A traditional, week-long Summer Camp has a variety of programs centered around different age groups, as well as an agenda specially prepared for children with learning disabilities.

The Outdoor Education program integrates state and district standards into our curriculum provides an exceptional balance between experiential, outdoor and environmental education philosophies.

Team Building activities focused on high schools, teachers and collegiate organizations build respect and self-esteem while enjoying the outdoors.

Want to get out of the office? Corporate Development programs create an atmosphere where participants are equal in their knowledge of the tasks to be accomplished. During these tasks, participants are required to act intuitively and not hide behind their existing work roles.

As Featured on NPR

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2014 Fuzzy Fandango

Camp Nuhop

Perrysville, Ohio
November 15th, 2014

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The Fuzzy Fandango is a trail running event that encourages runners of all abilities to enjoy the Mohican Region by running a great network of trails.

New Programs for 2013

On Target™

As team members enter the conference room they are filled with intrigue because in the middle of the room there are piles of materials including, pulleys, ropes, marbles, bowling balls, mousetraps, gears and more. Read More »

Playhouses for Tots™

Playhouses for Tots™ provides a teambuilding session designed to showcase constructive collaboration and collective imagination. The Nuhop Center provides all building materials, a detailed set of instructions, and thematic possibilities. Read More »

Mission Possible™

Nuhop’s version of a high energy, fun and engaging scavenger hunt. We have taken the best practices of reality television and modern day technology to create a scavenger hunt that your colleagues will be talking about for years to come. Read More »

The Paperclip™

In today’s fast paced society, we often forget about the simple things that are important in this world. The simple act of giving is one of these things. Read More »