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Nuhop has a lot to offer.

A traditional, week-long Summer Camp has a variety of programs centered around different age groups, as well as an agenda specially prepared for children with learning disabilities.

The Outdoor Education program integrates state and district standards into our curriculum provides an exceptional balance between experiential, outdoor and environmental education philosophies.

Team Building activities focused on high schools, teachers and collegiate organizations build respect and self-esteem while enjoying the outdoors.

Want to get out of the office? Corporate Development programs create an atmosphere where participants are equal in their knowledge of the tasks to be accomplished. During these tasks, participants are required to act intuitively and not hide behind their existing work roles.

New Programs for 2016

The Play Series™


A playnote is designed to foster unity and enthusiasm in your team, but with one critical difference - Nuhop Playnotes emphasize active and, most importantly, playful audience interaction. Learn More »


While similar to a traditional workshop session, a Nuhop Playshop is a practical educational program or seminar where participants learn about and experience methods, techniques or skills used in a particular field. Learn More »


A Nuhop Playstorming session utilizes the most effective components of traditional ideation sessions, focusing on problem-solving, spontaneous contribution, deliberative inquiry of ideas and solutions. Learn More »

Straight Up PLAY!

Dust off the old lawn chairs. Lace up those unused sneakers. Put on an extra layer of sunscreen. Today my friends, we go out and PLAY! While the notion may sound simple, “...the genius of play is that, in playing, we create imaginative new cognitive combinations. Learn More »


Ignite is a Digital networking event for conventions, meetings and seminars?Ignite is a great way to engage your conference attendees and provide them with unique and interactive ways to network with their peers. Learn More »

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Project is a truly unique opportunity for organizations to get involved with a worthwhile cause at the same time as building your team. Helping Hands developed by Odyssey Teams is more than just a team building or training activity. Learn More »