We select staff for the qualities of maturity, sensitivity, and caring that allow them to relate well with young people and enhance our camping program. Many of our Counselors are college graduates employed in the field of education. Our Counselors-in-Training are college students whose courses of study focus on education or a child-related study. Junior Counselors-in-Training are high school students who are familiar with the Nuhop program.

Each staff member assumes many responsibilities, including:

  • Bedtime
  • Overnight and morning duties
  • Camper health and safety
  • Planning and implementing activities to address the individual needs of a child

The Nuhop experience is built upon helping children see themselves in a more positive light. Staff and campers canoe together, hike together, sleep out under the stars together, and most importantly, take risks together and accomplish goals that initially seem impossible to the camper.

Our staff is dedicated to facilitating a positive experience for every child. To accomplish this goal, we place three staff with each group of seven campers. The staff is professionally trained to use proactive behavior-management techniques in order to provide a positive camp experience.

2018 Employment Details

What is Camp Nuhop?

Located in southern Ashland County, Ohio, Camp Nuhop is a residential summer camp for children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, Asperger's Syndrome (ASD) and behavioral nuances. Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, dynamic learning environment where people are empowered to succeed. In our structured programs, campers receive specialized placement with staff that understand their individuality. Our staff teaches self-awareness, social development, and creates a safe environment where friendships can be made.

Who works at Nuhop?

We hire dedicated and caring people who are ready for the responsibility necessary when working with our special needs children. We expect employees to create and maintain the structured, nurturing environment our children need to succeed. The hours are long and sometimes difficult, and you are repaid with sincere smiles, fulfilling experiences and life-long memories.

Camp Nuhop is located in Perrysville, Ohio, near scenic Mohican State Park and Pleasant Hill Lake. Throughout the summer, nearly 500 campers take part in the various programs we offer. Eighty-four campers attend each session and are divided into twelve tribes of seven campers based on age, abilities, and experience. Three counselors are placed with each tribe for the entire week, providing nearly a 2:1 camper to staff ratio. This ratio, along with extensive staff training is what makes our programs so successful. These programs range from traditional camp activities like hiking, archery and canoeing, to 14-day excursions in the western, southeastern and northeast states. Each session is full of activities that focus on self-esteem, cooperative challenges, and fun. With a busy schedule, counselors are busy too, but do have some time off during the summer. We allow for one night off during and one day off in between each session.

Junior Counselor-In-Training

Junior Counselors in Training are typically high school students (16-20yr old) that show maturity beyond their peers, have and desire experience working with special needs populations. JrCITs are responsible for set-up, prep-work and laying the groundwork for upcoming tribe activities so tribes are able to transition smoothly.


Counselors are responsible for organizing, planning, and facilitating individual sessions. Counselors are responsible for the day to day interaction with our campers. Counselors should have an understanding of children with special needs, the outdoors, and a positive attitude. Counselors have completed at least one year of college.

Mentor Staff Counselor

Mentor Staff Counselors are responsible for closely supporting 3 tribes (approximately 6 counselors) weekly. Will be responsible for organizing pictures of tribes and daily blog entries for assigned groups. Able to plan and instruct arts/crafts activities. Will be responsible for overseeing beach behavior. Will work collaboratively with the leadership team to develop and implement behavior plans for campers. Mentor Staff Counselors have an understanding of the mission of Nuhop and shown prior skill as a summer counselor.

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director is responsible for supporting the Summer Camp Director. Duties include, but are not limited to: administrative support, resource for tribe counselors, one on one behavior management, collaborating with the leadership team, facilitating meals and campfires. Those hired as an Assistant Director have shown skill as a leader, as a camp counselor and dedicated multiple summers to Camp Nuhop. Experience with our program is preferred.


The Lifeguard is responsible for facilitating deep water tests, keeping campers and staff safe at the beach during designated times, organizing free swims, and various duties determined by the director, including joining a group as an extra hand and possible cabin duties.

Basket Packer

The Basket Packer is responsible for working with the Dining Services Director in preparing the baskets that tribes take out when they are not eating in the cafeteria, setting up and serving snacks and ice cream during the week as well as various duties determined by the director; including kitchen support, joining groups as an extra hand, cabin and laundry duties.

All Camp Nuhop staff are responsible for the safety and success of all Nuhop campers. We promote unconditional acceptance of all of our Nuhop community; all seasonal employees are expected to live up to this ideal. You are required to attend ALL SCHEDULED DATES and meetings, including the Summer Staff in-service and six sessions of camp. The Staff in-service is designed to create staff community and to teach counselors our mission, camp activities, behavior management techniques, and more. Room and board is provided for the entire summer.

The Assistant Director and Mentor Staff Counselors will be responsible for attending an additional leadership in-service as directed by the Summer Director.

Camp Nuhop accepts applications the beginning of each calendar year and until all positions have been hired. You will be notified shortly after we receive your online application.