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Camp Programs

Camp Nuhop programs are specifically designed for children with ADHD, Austim, Aspergers and other attention and behavioral nuances. There are a variety of six week-long sessions to choose from. Each session offers programs that range from traditional activities to national trips. Each program focuses on providing an experience that promotes personal growth through success and friendship. Campers in each program are placed in groups of seven with three counselors based on age and compatibility. Each Camp Nuhop Program is offered for at least one session during the summer.

However campers decide to make the Nuhop experience theirs, they will have a week full of laughter, friendship, and memories. Nuhop campers leave Camp with a new sense of their abilities and self-worth, ready to face the everyday challenges of home, school, and beyond. Most Nuhop campers return for at least two years, and many for five or even ten years. Each year provides a new level of accomplishment therefore building confidence for those familiar with the program and new possibilities for success and friendship for all.


It is highly recommended for first-time campers and families to attend one of the presentation sessions below.

On-Campus Based Programs

Traditional Camp Ages 8-18

If you are looking for a week filled with outdoor adventure in a camp setting, then Traditional Camp is for you! Traditional Camp offers a week of adventure in which campers hike in the two nearby state parks. Campers will enjoy time spent in the water, swimming, tubing and canoeing. Camping under the stars and cooking over a campfire will also be parts of the week’s adventure. Campers are grouped according to age, allowing for more challenging adventures to be accomplished by older campers such as longer hikes, several overnights and doing some of the elements on our ropes course.

Sports Skills Camp Ages 14-16

If you enjoy participating in sports and are looking for a camp that is focused on building sportsmanship, then Sports Camp is for you! Sports Skills Camp is designed to touch on team sports and skills such as soccer, football, baseball, volleyball and basketball. Individual sports such as kayaking, biking and swimming may also be explored. The highlight of Sports Camp is attending a professional sporting activity (usually baseball).

Science Camp Ages 8-16

Interested in exploring science? If you are, then Science Camp is the camp you will want! Learning the scientific method through daily experiments is the goal of Science Camp. Future scientists will take part in learning how electrical circuits work, exploring chemical and physical change, as well as learning about the life cycles of plants and animals. A trip to COSI, the Great Lakes Science Center or the Museum of Natural History will top off science week!

Exploration Camp Ages 6-7

For our youngest first-time adventurers (children ages 6 & 7) we offer Exploration Camp. This camp is offered the first and fourth sessions of the summer. Exploration Camp focuses on the exploration of the out-of-doors. Campers will participate in two half-day hikes in nearby state parks. Swimming every day and canoeing are two water adventures campers will participate in. Campers will experience an overnight under the stars not too far from the comforts of their cabins. Young adventurers will come away with an understanding and comfort with the out-of-doors.

Art Camp Ages 11-17

Art Camp is designed to introduce budding artists to a variety of artistic mediums. Campers will have an opportunity to take part in both visual and performing arts. Learning about sketching, photograpy, and pottery are a few of the artistic adventures campers may take part in during their week. Our budding artists will have the opportunity to participate in one of the following activities: attending a play, visiting the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame or the Cleveland/Columbus art museum.

Leadership Camp Ages 17+

What is it like to be a Camp Nuhop Jr. Counselor-in-Training? If that is a question you have been asking yourself, then sign up for Leadership Camp. This camp is designed for return campers who are interested in learning more about leadership and the role that plays at camp. Leadership skills, team-building activities and the roles and responsibilities of a Jr. CIT are the focus of Leadership Camp. Campers are shown the various jobs that Jr. CITs perform and get a chance to practice them in a safe environment. During the week our future leaders get the opportunity to shadow a Jr. CIT and lead a variety of games and activities for campers.

Off-Campus Based Programs

These camps are more rustic in nature than the In-Camp Programs
Aqua Camp Ages 14-18

White water rafting, kayaking and canoeing are the adventures that you will experience if you register for Aqua Camp. Aqua Camp is designed for the camper that has been to camp before and is looking for more adventure. Campers will begin their week with a kayaking or canoe trip down the Mohican river and top off the week white water rafting down the Yough river near Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. While in Ohiopyle, campers will also hike some trails and enjoy the river.

Bike Camp Ages 12-14

Bike Camp is for the camper that enjoys biking! A big part of each day is spent biking. Road and mountain biking trails are used during the week. Bike Camp usually takes campers to a variety of rails-to-trails pathways that are located throughout Ohio and/or the single-track mountain bike trails situated in Ohio’s State Forest. All bikes, helmets and equipment are provided by Nuhop.

Crusoe Camp Ages 12-18

Does building and living in a shelter, cooking all your meals over a fire and being one with nature sound exciting to you? If so, then Crusoe Camp was designed for you. Crusoe is our most rustic camp. Campers spend a week in the woods learning shelter-building and survival skills. Campers are shown how to lash wood together to make tables and the shelters that they will call home for the week. They learn fire-building skills and how to cook over an open fire. The highlight of Crusoe Camp is the turkey dinner on the last night.

Lake Erie Islands Camp Ages 13-18

Does island jumping sound adventurous to you? If so, then you will want to be a part of our Lake Erie Islands Camp. Lake Erie Islands is designed to take in the sights of Put-In-Bay and Kelleys Island. Campers will make East Harbor State Park their base camp and then take day trips to the islands. Highlights for the week include, but aren’t limited to, seeing the glacial grooves on Kelleys Island, visiting Perry’s monument and exploring the Seneca Caverns.

Ohio Adventures Camp Ages 14-17

Ohio Adventures is for the camper who has been to camp before and would like to explore Ohio. This summer campers will be exploring John Bryan State Park and Caesar Creek State Park. Campers will be going canoeing on the Little Miami River, hiking in the Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve, and learning about the rich history of the area (it was in this area that the Shawnee Indians settled).

Two Week Camps

Expedition Camp Ages 18+ (returning campers only)

Expedition camp is designed for those over the age of 18 and still wanted a summer experience. This year this camp will be going on a two week trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes Michigan. Some of the highlights will include canoeing down the Crystal River, Hiking and camping in Sleeping Bear Dunes, dune climbing and scenic drives. It offers an oppurtunity to see the beauty of the dunes in a leisurely, exciting way.

National Trip Camp Ages 16-18

The National Trip Camp is designed for the camper who has attended camp for several years and done a variety of trip camps. The National Trip Camp is a two-week experience that will take campers from Ohio to adventures in other states. Please check the application to see where the adventure will take you this summer.

Walkabout Camp Ages 11-16

This new program is designed for campers that have been a part of our program in the past. It is a hybrid camp that will be a combination of our in camp and out of camp programs. Campers will take part in a four to five day out of camp adventure as well do a variety of traditional camp activities.

Respite Weekends

Returning campers can enjoy a great weekend at Nuhop!
Respite Camp Ages 8+

There are five Respite Weekends during the school year for return and prospective new campers to attend. Respite Weekends are a great way for return campers to connect with summer friends as well as participate in some of their favorite summer activities. For prospective campers, Respite Weekends give campers a taste of what summer camp will be like, meet some new friends and become acquainted with our camp program. The focus of the weekend is to enjoy the outdoors in the company of friends. Respite Weekends are usually scheduled for the third weekend in September, the second weekend in November, the third weekend in January, and the second weekend of March and May.