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Nuhop Expectations

Our program is more than a summer camp, and parental involvement is vital to a child’s success. Initially, the family completes a Camper Application that explores the camper’s abilities, social adjustment and desired camp goals.

A Teacher Evaluation Form helps us understand the student’s social needs while in school. The Nuhop staff then arranges parent conferences and our orientation day at camp for all new campers. This day conference provides personal observation, informal discussion, and a general get-acquainted session. Often, a parent’s pre-camp anxieties are addressed at this conference. Further information is provided in the Camper Application.

The Pre-Camp Conference is required unless travel time to and from camp exceeds 7½ hours.

Summer Camp Application Process

A $150 deposit needs to be mailed in upon submission of your online application or with the paper application. You may also pay in full at this time.

If you prefer to make installments, you may use the following timeline:

  • Deposit is still due with application.
  • Half of the balance is due on or before May 15th.
  • The remainder is due on or before June 5th.

You may pay by cash or check. We are no longer able to process credit cards. Your session must be paid in full in order to attend camp.

Eligibility, Application and Camperships

Children from 6 to 18 with learning disabilities, behavior disorders (LD/BD) and/or attention deficit disorders (ADD) may attend. The camp program is not appropriate for children with severe mental retardation or physical disability.

To apply, please download, print, and complete the Camper Application. We accept campers on a first-come basis and spaces are limited. Applications will be accepted until all places are filled. Your child will have a better chance of being placed in a compatible grouping with an earlier application. Accommodations between sessions is a flat cost of $225. This price includes staff, housing, and food.

Please enclose a $150 deposit per session to secure a place for your child. Campers without a deposit will not be placed.

Financial Aid

While Nuhop makes every attempt to keep tuition reasonable, we understand that funding can be difficult to secure. Camp Nuhop offers financial aid in the form of scholarships, which are available for those in need. Please mark the appropriate section of the application if you would like to receive scholarship information. The $150 deposit will not be covered by scholarships, which may cover up to half of a camp tuition.

Respite Care

There are five Respite Weekends during the school year for return and prospective new campers to attend. Respite Weekends are a great way for return campers to connect with summer friends as well as participate in some of their favorite summer activities. For prospective campers, Respite Weekends give campers a taste of what summer camp will be like, meet some new friends and become acquainted with our camp program. The focus of the weekend is to enjoy the outdoors in the company of friends. Respite Weekends are usually scheduled for the third weekend in September, the second weekend in November, the third weekend in January, and the second weekend of March and May.

Download the Respite Application for more information.