• Sunset over the Camp Nuhop beach
  • Canoeing at Camp Nuhop
  • Hiking buddies at Camp Nuhop
  • Archery program at Camp Nuhop
  • First day check-in at Camp Nuhop
  • Songfest at Camp Nuhop
  • Storytelling at Camp Nuhop
  • Canoeing at summer camp in Ohio

OYO Camp Nuhop

OYO at Camp Nuhop is an exciting collaboration involving Advocates for Kids of Columbus, Camp Nuhop of Perrysville, Ohio Association of the Deaf based out of Cleveland, and 9 Centers throughout Ohio that serve Deaf/HH children: Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Mansfield, Portsmouth and Youngstown.

OYO at Camp Nuhop is an independent organization that Nuhop has partnered with to broaden the impact of serving a wider range of kids. OYO at Camp Nuhop is funded and staffed outside of the Nuhop Organization by a collective of organizations. Nuhop is the host facility that is providing a supportive/ advisory role in the administration, facilitation and operations of The OYO group.

This Camp has been created and designed specifically for kids with hearing loss in mind; so all communication at camp will be geared towards each camper’s level of communication. OYO at Camp Nuhop provides a communication barrier-free, overnight camp experience that empowers each camper. ASL will be used throughout camp, as well as other forms of visual and oral communication. Each and every camper’s communication style is valued which results in the kids thriving in a safe, nurturing and fun atmosphere of friendship!

Our Environment Provides

  • A strong sense of belonging
  • A level playing field for all the campers
  • A program rooted in the culture of Deaf and hearing loss
  • A chance to face fears and take risks
  • An opportunity to develop and practice leadership skills
  • A constant reminder that "you can do everything that hearing people can do, but hear!"

More Information

For more information about OYO visit their website.