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Team Building

Nuhop's Team Building Programs are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of age levels and group types. The needs of each group vary, therefore so does Nuhop’s team building curriculum and options for growth. Low ropes, high ropes, portable exercises and indoor communication skills programs are just a few of the activities Nuhop offers.

Team Building sessions begin with ice-breakers in order to break down social barriers and group inhibitions. Through intentional design, Nuhop programs are built on a progression of exercises. To ensure that specific objectives are met, each exercise reinforces ideas learned in previous curriculum.

In preparation for each session Nuhop spends focused time and energy on developing new and innovative team building curriculum as well as pulling from 40 years of theory and practice in developing experiential curriculum and design. Nuhop utilizes specific needs assessments to ensure that curriculum developed for clients achieves the desired results of each group served.

The high ropes course in North Central Ohio and is an excellent team bonding activity that encourages participants to engage in an activity with a high sense of "perceived" risk. This allows for participants to step further out of their comfort zones allowing for deeper learning to occur.

Who We Serve

  • Leadership Teams
  • Athletic Teams
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Resident Advisors
  • Student Bodies
  • Greek Life Organizations
  • Teachers
  • Government Agencies
  • Corporations

At Nuhop's core is the belief that through intentional curriculum design and a focus on service that people's lives can be changed through experiential learning programming.