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Ropes Course

High Ropes Course

The High Ropes Course Experience takes your team to new heights as they ascend to the top of our forty-foot tall, high ropes course. Each element is carefully designed to encourage participants to take risks towards personal and team growth. Organization Development sessions that integrate the High Ropes Course enable teams to see individuals in a new light. Participants are taught the basic skills and language required to facilitate one another through physical challenges situated forty feet in the air. During The High Ropes Course Experience participants traverse across rope bridges, hanging swings and missing link walkways. Team members have the opportunity to test their personal limits while engaging in a positive group experience.

All of our challenge course activities follow the philosophy of "Challenge by Choice" which allows participants to choose their level of participation during the event.

The High Ropes Course can be added to the curriculum of existing programs or it may be used to achieve the outcomes of team development, leadership, and trust during a stand-alone event.

Giant Swing

Fly forty-five feet in the air as you engage in The Giant Swing Experience! This Organization Development challenge course encourages peak performance at the individual and team level. Once team members are suited up in their harness and helmets, they are taught the simple commands and skills required to assist their colleagues in meeting their personal goals. The goal of The Giant Swing is to have the team pull individuals up to 45 feet in the air. Once the swinging participant is ready to fly they release their tether and swing out over the hillside.

Pamper Pole

The Pamper Pole Experience involves climbing twenty-five feet up in the air and standing on top of a telephone pole that has an 8-inch diameter. When the climber turns around, they will see a supportive team below, comprised of peers and colleagues. The team's job is to keep the climber safe and on belay as he or she leaps off of the telephone pole towards the ball that is suspended nearby. Sound impossible? This is the ultimate team development challenge course activity. It takes the physical and emotional support of the belay team to accomplish the individual and team goals set forward at the beginning of this dynamic event. Is your team ready for The Pamper Pole Experience?

Low Ropes Course / Initiative Programs

Nuhop's low ropes course/ initiative program is a challenging outdoor pursuit that takes place a few feet off the ground. Our course offers an opportunity for individuals to work together in groups to accomplish common goals and objectives as a team.

Through a careful selection of exercises, Nuhop Facilitators will guide participants through a progression of tasks that will help participants develop strengthened relationships and explore personal and group characteristics.

Nuhop low ropes course programs and initiative activities focus on:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Creativity
  • Cooperation
  • Confidence
  • Decision Making
  • Self-Evaluation

Climbing Wall

Come and climb our two-sided wall. Nuhop's Climbing wall is situated on the Thrombisis Hillside and is 32 feet tall. On any given day the wall offers two to four belay ropes with at least five climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty. It also functions as a bouldering and/ or horizontal traverse wall.

Include the Rock Wall as part of your organizations curriculum when you visit the Mohican Region. Thank you to Spherion Corporation of Mansfield for the donation of this wall! You all Rock!