Are you interested in joining the Camp Nuhop team? We select staff based on maturity, sensitivity, and the ability to relate well with the young people who participate in our summer programs for students with learning disabilities. 

Our staff is dedicated to facilitating a positive experience for every child and helping them see themselves in a positive light. Staff and campers canoe, hike, and camp together—but most importantly, they take risks together and accomplish goals that may initially seem impossible to the camper. 

2019 Employment Details

Who works at Nuhop?

We only hire dedicated and caring people who are ready for the responsibility of working with children with special needs. We expect employees to create and maintain the structured, nurturing environment our children need to succeed. The hours are long and sometimes difficult, and you are repaid with sincere smiles, fulfilling experiences and life-long memories. With a busy schedule, counselors are busy too, but do have some time off during the summer. We allow for one night off during each session and one full day off in between camps.

All Camp Nuhop staff are responsible for the safety and success of all Nuhop campers. We promote unconditional acceptance of everyone in our Nuhop community; all seasonal employees are expected to live up to this ideal. You are required to attend ALL SCHEDULED DATES and meetings, including the Summer Staff in-service and six sessions of our special needs camps. The Staff in-service is designed to create staff community and to teach counselors our mission, camp activities, behavior management techniques, and more. Room and board is provided for the summer.

The Assistant Director and Mentor Staff Counselors will be responsible for attending an additional leadership in-service as directed by the Summer Director.

Camp Nuhop accepts applications the beginning of each calendar year until all positions have been hired. You will be notified shortly after we receive your online application.

Outdoor Education (Seasonal) Job Opportunities

High Ropes Course Instructor (Leads and Seconds)

Seasonal positions are available for the spring and fall seasons.

Qualified Individuals will have:

  • Experience working with youth
  • Previous experience working on ropes courses or climbing facilities
  • Preferred, but not required, - bachelor’s degree in education, outdoor education, environmental sciences, or related field
  • Current FBI/BCI background check, or be willing to obtain one

Responsibilities as a Lead Instructor include:

  • Safety and supervision of all clients and staff participating in the High Ropes Course
  • Explaining and demonstrating use of equipment (including: harnesses, helmets, lead ropes and carabineers)
  • Physical ability to climb and spend extended periods of time at 40+ feet

Responsibilities as a Second (assistant) Instructor:

  • Safety and supervision of all clients and staff participating in the High Ropes Course
  • Assisting in explaining and demonstrating use of equipment

Outdoor Education Instructor

Seasonal positions are available for the spring and fall seasons. Spring season runs from early March through the end of May. Fall season begins in late August and runs until late November.

Qualified Individuals will have:

  • Experience working with youth and working outdoors
  • Current FBI/BCI Background Check, or be willing to acquire one
  • Ability to stand/walk/hike for two to three hours at a time
  • Ability to direct and supervise others with professionalism and respect
  • A bachelor’s degree in education, outdoor education, environmental sciences, or related field is preferred, but not required

Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching one to two hour outdoor education classes on subjects such as geology, ecology, forestry, canoeing, and orienteering
  • Leading team-building activities and high ropes course activities
  • Leading three to four mile hikes
  • Occasional night hikes and overnight responsibilities in 2-3 nights weekly in cabins (for individuals only looking for part time work, this would not have to include overnights)

Summer Job Opportunities

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director is responsible for supporting the Summer Camp Director. Duties include, but are not limited to: administrative support, resource for tribe counselors, one on one behavior management, collaborating with the leadership team, facilitating meals and leading campfire activities. Those hired as an Assistant Director have shown skill as a leader, as a camp counselor, and dedicated multiple summers to Camp Nuhop’s summer camps. Experience working with children with learning disabilities, mood disorders, attention deficit, and behavioral nuances is a must.

Mentor Staff Counselor

Mentor staff counselors are responsible for closely supporting tribes and their counselors.  Mentor staff will assist with planning and implementing organizational procedures during staff orientation and during summer camp.  Mentor staff counselors should have an understanding of Nuhop’s mission and have shown prior skill as a counselor in our summer camps.


Counselors are responsible for organizing, planning, and facilitating individual sessions, as well as handling day to day interactions with our campers. Counselors should have a positive attitude, as well as an understanding of children with special needs and the outdoors. Counselors should have completed at least one year of college.

Junior Counselor

Junior Counselors are typically older high school students who show maturity beyond their peers and desire experience working with individuals with special needs. They are responsible for set-up, prep-work and laying the groundwork for tribe activities so tribes are able to transition smoothly during camp sessions.


The Lifeguard is responsible for facilitating deep water tests, keeping campers and staff safe while on the beach, organizing free swims, and other duties determined by the director, including joining a group as an extra hand and cabin duties.

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