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This year marks Nuhop’s 50th year of service!  To honor this milestone, Nuhop has launched a 50-year campaign with three matching grant opportunities.  These matching grants are part of our $315,000 goal. 

The beauty of this goal is that we have $88,000 committed to our goal in lead-matching gifts.  Learn more about how you can leverage your dollars to support the work of Nuhop!


GOAL:  $150,000

The Herb Broda Environmental Education Fund has been generously kickstarted with a $50,000 gift, marking a significant step in advancing environmental education across Ohio.

This gift is a matching grant where every $2 contributed to the fund will be matched by a $1.

This fund is a tribute to Herb Broda's enduring legacy, focusing on the development of future environmental educators and the cultivation of environmental education within communities. It supports professional development for educators through specialized graduate-level classes and offers essential internship opportunities for college and graduate students in outdoor education. By prioritizing experiential learning and community engagement, especially in disadvantaged areas and Title I schools, the fund aims to elevate environmental education in Ohio. Through this initiative, Nuhop is committed to nurturing a new generation of educators and students who are passionate about and skilled in preserving and understanding our natural world.

GOAL:  $76,000

The Pine Campus of Nuhop, initially acquired from Camp Wesley in 1998, has a rich history that began with its original construction in the 1950s. This campus has undergone various transformations over the years, notably in the early 2000s when Nuhop added significant enhancements. Now, more than twenty years later, the dining hall at the Pine Campus is in need of an update. The Ashland County Community Foundation (ACCF) has recognized this need and is playing a pivotal role in the latest renovation project. ACCF has committed to a one-to-one matching grant of up to $38,000, which will significantly aid Nuhop in achieving its renovation goals. This funding is particularly earmarked for replacing the flooring in the dining hall, as well as updating the tables and chairs, some of which are the original ones from the 1950s.

The dining hall is more than just a place for meals; it serves as the hub and heartbeat of the Pine Campus. It's a space where campers and staff gather, interact, and create lasting memories. The planned renovations, supported by ACCF's matching grant, will not only rejuvenate this vital space but also enhance the overall experience for everyone who comes to the Pine Campus. This update is essential in ensuring that the dining hall continues to serve as a welcoming and functional space for years to come.

The commitment from ACCF and the community's support in this project reflects a shared dedication to nurturing the development and well-being of the youth served by Nuhop. This renovation project, therefore, goes beyond mere physical improvements; it represents an investment in the future of the many young lives that Nuhop touches.


GOAL: $25,000

In the heart of our Hemlock Campus lies a little green gem, our pond. Today, it beckons us with a promise of restoration and revitalization. Through the "Refreshing the Waters Campaign," Nuhop aims to breathe new life into this precious ecosystem, transforming it into a haven for recreation, swimming, and aquatic education.

This cherished pond has, over the years, been a witness to laughter and the soft ripples of countless swimmers. Yet, the passage of time has seen it lose some of its sparkle. Our mission is to restore its clear waters and get rid of the algae blooms and invigorate its surrounds, ensuring it remains a cherished spot for the kids that visit Hemlock.  Without a pool option on this site, this would be our water source for recreation.

Our campaign will fund the cleaning and dredging of the pond, the installation of environmentally friendly fixtures, and the introduction of a balanced aquatic ecosystem to support both educational programs and leisure activities.

We plan to:

  • Enhance Water Quality: Remove silt and invasive species, ensuring crystal-clear water for swimming and aquatic life.
  • Upgrade Facilities: Install a modern, eco-friendly dock and swim platforms that blend with the natural beauty.
  • Educational Development: Create instructional programs focused on water safety, aquatic ecology, and environmental stewardship.
  • Accessibility for All: Ensure the pond is accessible for individuals of all abilities, promoting inclusivity within our natural spaces.

This endeavor is more than just a beautification project; it's about creating a vibrant resource that offers joy, learning, and a connection to nature. With an eye toward sustainability, every dollar raised will be carefully stewarded to maximize the pond's potential as a natural classroom and a recreational sanctuary.


GOAL:  $64,000

Nuhop is embarking on an ambitious project to harness solar energy to power our buildings, a move that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to environmental stewardship and educational excellence. Our plan involves installing solar photovoltaic systems across our premises. These installations are not just about reducing energy costs; they represent a direct investment into our programming and an expansion of our outdoor education curriculum with a hands-on green energy class. 

The initiative promises to cut our energy expenses significantly, allowing more resources to be funneled into enriching our programs and fostering a deeper understanding of renewable energy among our students. Financially, the venture is underpinned by a robust plan that leverages federal tax credits, bonus depreciation, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and the possibility of grants like the USDA REAP Grant, making solar conversion economically viable and sustainable. 

This initiative is a win-win-win for Nuhop, offering environmental, educational, and economic benefits. It positions us as a leader in sustainable practices within the educational sector, showcases our commitment to innovation and responsible energy use, and provides our students with a cutting-edge learning experience that prepares them for the challenges of the future. By integrating the solar project into our curriculum, we not only teach the principles of renewable energy but also instill values of environmental stewardship in our students, empowering them to become advocates for sustainable living.


Level of Annual Fund Giving!

  • Friends  $1 - $99
  • Engagers:  $100 - $249
  • Partners:  $250 - $999
  • Connectors:  $1,500 - $2,999
  • Sustainers:  $3,000 - $4,999



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