Our Team

Chris Clyde
Associate Director
Prescott College

Chris Clyde is the Associate Director at Nuhop. After graduating from Prescott College in 2006 with a degree in Adventure Education and a self-designed degree in Experiential Education, Chris became a full-time member of the Nuhop team in 2008. His passion for our mission and engaging personality have allowed him to wear many hats during his time with our outdoor camps team. In his free time, Chris can most likely be found enjoying the woods with his dog Amigo or trail running with his friend Trevor.

Trevor Dunlap
Executive Director / CEO
Wittenberg University

As the son of our founders, Jerry and Terrie Dunlap, Trevor was raised with the values and principles of Nuhop’s mission. 

Trevor is passionate about Experiential Learning and loves fostering creative environments where people can succeed through self-discovery and teamwork. His high energy and zeal creates a contagious atmosphere of transforming fun where people can develop a new appreciation of themselves and their peers.

Trevor and his wife Sarah enjoy taking this three children on adventures, and can often be found trail running/hiking, skiing, and working the soil in their family garden.

Ben King
Director of Outdoor Education and Retreats
Prescott College

Ben King is the Co - Director of Outdoor Education and Retreats. He is a 2013 graduate of Hocking College and a 2016 graduate of Prescott College, holding degrees in Eco and Adventure Tourism, and Environmental Education. Ben, also known as, Big Bear, has a fiery passion to get kids and adults outside away from technology to connect them with nature and each other. He began instructing outdoor education at Nuhop during the Spring of 2011, and has since filled many roles throughout the Nuhop Organization. Ben has taken time to move West and adventure through the mountains, oceans and rivers, and has now returned to share with our clients the lessons he has learned along the way. Ben fills his recreational time with paddling on rivers, mountain biking, gardening and hiking in the Hocking Hills.

Jim Machin
Director of Facilities
The Ohio State University

Jim oversees the daily operations of our camp and conference center, managing our rental and religious group events. He also serves as a lead facilitator in our leadership, teacher training, and educational outdoor programs. His gregarious personality and booming laughter will leave you smiling ear to ear!

In addition to his work with Nuhop, Jim runs a family farm with his wife and two children. He also serves as Chaplain of the Savannah Fire Department, where he is a Lt. Firefighter AEMT for Savannah and surrounding communities.

Laura Nickel
Director of Summer Camp and Respite Programs
Texas A&M University

Laura is the Director of Summer and Weekend Respite Programs at Nuhop and joined the team in January 2018.  She earned her bachelor degree at Texas A&M University and a master of science in physical therapy at Texas Woman's University.  Prior to coming to Camp Nuhop she worked as a camp director at a retreat center for children with special needs in Texas.

Laura has two dogs, Molly and Izzy, (who are not spoiled at all).  She loves being outside (especially when it's warm) and is grateful for a job where she can do something different every day and work to plan and execute some awesome programs for the people that come to Camp Nuhop!  


Matt Poland
Director of Outdoor Education and Team Pursuits
Baldwin Wallace University

Matt Poland joined the Nuhop full-time staff in January of 2014. He is the Co – Director of Outdoor Education and Team Pursuits. He has made an impact with his attention to detail, and his ability to work with diverse populations. Matt wears many hats in the Nuhop organization. During the summer he can be found maintaining and supervising the Challenge Course as well as supervising and training staff. During the Academic calendar year, Matt spends his time designing curriculum, coaching staff and rocking experiential education programs. Around Nuhop Matt goes by the handle Mountain.

Terri Ru Lon
Office Manager
Ashland University

Terri works diligently to provide excellent service to staff, parents, and campers. As our office manager, Terri is Nuhop’s conduit to campers and their families. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for the kids served at Nuhop is an asset to everyone who comes in contact with her. She can answer any questions or concerns you have about our summer camp programs and she is our go-to office goddess!

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