Our Team

Trevor Dunlap
Executive Director / CEO
Wittenberg University

As the son of our founders, Jerry and Terrie Dunlap, Trevor was raised with the values and principles of Nuhop’s mission. 

Trevor is passionate about Experiential Learning and loves fostering creative environments where people can succeed through self-discovery and teamwork. His high energy and zeal creates a contagious atmosphere of transforming fun where people can develop a new appreciation of themselves and their peers.

Trevor is the co-author of  Co-Author of:  Teambuilding from the Toyaisle and Crowdwords: Doing a Lot with a Little, as well as the designer of CrowdCubes, Pathfinder, and Performance Cubed, experiential tools used industry-wide.

Trevor and his wife Sarah enjoy taking their three children on adventures, and can often be found trail running/hiking, skiing, and working the soil in their family garden.

Chris Cavert, Ed. D.
Director of Education
Northern Arizona University

Dr. Chris Cavert joined the Nuhop team in May 2022 as the Director of Education. His primary objective is to support and influence the educational programs throughout the organization and help Nuhop's educators provide impactful learning experiences. Chris is also the coordinator of Nuhop's team building and professional development programs for youth and adult groups throughout the state of Ohio. He loves to design and lead interactive experiences, especially with his Nuhop colleagues, that help groups learn and grow so they can reach their desired outcomes.

Chris is an award-winning author and trainer in the field of Adventure Education and has traveled worldwide, sharing the power of experiential education to educators who want to make a lasting difference in their learners. He loves designing new team-building activities, diving into books that expand his thinking on educational topics, and good chocolate!
(Not always in that order - depends on the day.)

Matt Poland
Facilities Director
Baldwin Wallace University

Matt Poland joined the Nuhop full-time staff in January of 2014. He is the Director of Outdoor Education and Challenge Course Manager. He has made an impact with his attention to detail, and his ability to work with diverse populations. Matt wears many hats in the Nuhop organization. During the summer he can be found maintaining and supervising the Challenge Course as well as supervising and training staff. During the Academic calendar year, Matt spends his time designing curriculum, coaching staff and rocking experiential education programs. Around Nuhop Matt goes by the handle Mountain.

Terri Ru Lon
Director of Office & HR
Ashland University

Terri works diligently to provide excellent service to staff, parents, and campers. As our office manager, Terri is Nuhop’s conduit to campers and their families. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for the kids served at Nuhop is an asset to everyone who comes in contact with her. She can answer any questions or concerns you have about our summer camp programs and she is our go-to office goddess!

Brent Weisenstein
Program Manager

Brent is a jack of all trades.  He first joined the Nuhop team in 2003 and was a valued member of our summer and Outdoor Education programs.  He credits Nuhop with helping him develop his love of nature and the realization that you can turn something you are passionate about into a career.  After 10 years at Nuhop, he set out to travel the world and found himself in a number of adventurous places where he tried out a few careers, including becoming an arborist!  Eventually, he became immersed in the world of climbing, became a national-level climbing coach, and ran his own climbing business.  He realized that many of the things he was teaching were built on the foundation of knowledge he gained while at Nuhop. 

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, he found he needed to pivot, and that pivot found him right back at Nuhop for our 2021 Outdoor Education season.  He brought with him all the things he learned during his travels and is so excited to share them!

When not out climbing or playing disc golf with friends, Brent can be found hanging out with his dog Rock C and his cat Leroy.

Katelynn Iaciani
Program Coordinator
Kent State University

Katelynn is the program coordinator at Nuhop. She has her BFA in ceramics from Kent State University. Katelynn grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. She found a passion for working with people and serving her community from a young age. She started at Nuhop in April of 2022 and is excited to work with an organization that is committed to creating an empowering environment for those they serve. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, art-making, and spending time with her family, friends, dog, and goats.

Sarah Kronz
Director of Outdoor Education
BFA in sculpture and painting at Kent State University

Sarah Kronz is the Outdoor Education Director at Nuhop. She graduated from Kent State University in 2019 with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Sculpture and Painting. During her summers, she worked her way through the positions at Girl Scout Camp Ledgewood as a counselor, unit leader, waterfront director, program director, and assistant camp director. After graduation, she made her way to Camp Nuhop to work as an Outdoor Education Instructor. She helped create the online outdoor education curriculum and has now taken the lead in the Outdoor Education program.

When not at camp, Sarah enjoys an outdoorsy lifestyle. This includes hiking, swimming, SUPing, rock climbing, and playing outside with the many animals that live in her house and backyard: Dogs, cats, goats, geese, deer, frogs, turtles, groundhogs, and more! 

Becca Mitchner
Co-Director of Summer & Respite Programs
Murray State University

Becca Mitchner is the Co-Director of Summer & Respite Programs. She graduated from Murray State University in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Outdoor Recreation and Nonprofit Leadership Studies. She continued at Murray State to obtain a Masters Degree in Human Development & Leadership with emphases in Environmental Education and Special Education in 2015.

Becca found a passion for working with children at a young age and enjoys helping campers create a positive and empowering experience at Nuhop. When not at camp, Becca enjoys playing outside, home improvement projects, and spending time with her family.

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