Off-Site Programs

Nuhop’s trip camps are for experienced campers that can have a successful camp experience with less support.

They are designed to provide an exciting week away from our main site while also providing diverse and targeted programming for our campers. 


Wilderness Survival Camp

Does building and living in a shelter, cooking all your meals over a fire, and being one with nature sound exciting to you?  If so, then Wilderness Survival Camp was designed for you. Wilderness Survival is our most rustic camp.  Campers spend a week in the woods learning shelter-building and survival skills, fire-building skills, and how to cook over an open fire. The highlight of Wilderness Survival camp is a slow-cooked, pit-fired poultry dinner on the last night.

Haunted Ohio Camp

Ohio is rich with urban legends, which makes it a favorite place for those seeking to learn more about history and folklore as well as hauntings.  On this trip, campers will investigate some places that claim to be haunted, learn more about some of the urban legends, and get to check out some weird stuff in Ohio!  The campers will potentially get to investigate the Ohio State Reformatory, Bissman Building, and various other haunted locations in Ohio while they travel around, staying at various state parks.  The capstone part of the trip will be a ghost tour or paranormal investigation at a location in Ohio that is known to be haunted!

Lake Erie Camp

The Lake Erie Islands are a chain of archipelagic islands in Lake Erie and there is just something about visiting the Lake Erie Islands that just puts a smile on your face. The Lake Erie Islands trip camp is designed to take in the sights of Put-In-Bay (Middle Bass Island) and/or Kelleys Island.  Campers will have an opportunity to swim in the lake, kayak, and bicycle around the gorgeous scenery. Highlights for the week include but aren't limited to seeing the glacial grooves on Kelleys Island, visiting Perry's monument and exploring the Seneca Caverns.


Aqua Camp

Aqua camp is designed for the veteran camper that is looking for a new adventure. Campers will spend their week in Ohiopyle, PA visiting natural water slides, seeing beautiful views, and finishing up the week with a white water rafting trip! Campers will work together on this rafting trip and practice growing their communication skills. 


Caves & Climbing Camp

Caves and Climbing camp is for someone who enjoys adventure. Hiking, checking out some of Ohio's beautiful caves, rock-climbing and rappelling are some of the things you might do on this trip. Enjoy some of the most beautiful spots in the midwest on this trip, and channel your inner Indiana Jones


Park Hopping Camp

​Park Hopping Ohio

Campers will spend 11 days traveling across the great state of Ohio. Hopping from state park to state park, campers will get to visit sights such as Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Holden Arboretum, explore Ohio’s historic canals, and much much more! Camper’s will spend 2-3 nights at each location of their journey before returning to Nuhop’s property. 


Park Hopping Regional

Campers will spend 11 days traveling through different states located regionally to Ohio. Campers will travel to Mammoth Cave, the Smoky Mountains, Congaree, and Shenandoah National Parks. They will get to explore the nature of each park as well as enjoy local attractions.


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