Specialty Programs

Nuhop’s specialty camps are a great opportunity for campers to further work on their independent skills.

Specialty camps take day trips away from our main campus and provide campers with an experience focused on a special interest area.


Art Camp

Art Camp is designed to introduce budding artists to various artistic mediums.  Campers will be able to participate in both visual and performing arts.  Learning about sketching, photography, and pottery are a few of the artistic adventures campers may take part in during their week.  Our budding artists will have the opportunity to go on a day excursion that may include exposure to some visual arts and performing arts and even a visit to the Cleveland or Columbus Art Museum.

Science Camp

Interested in exploring science?  If you are, then science camp is the camp you will want! Learning the scientific method and doing age-appropriate daily experiments is the goal of science camp.  The week is packed full of activities and experiments that our future scientists will take part in: bottle rocket launch, a parachute-egg-drop, electrical circuits work, exploring chemical and physical change, as well as learning about the life cycles of plants and animals, amongst other things.  A day trip to COSI, the Great Lakes Science Center, or the Natural History Museum will be a highlight of the week at Science Camp!

Animal Encounters Camp

Campers will get an opportunity to have some hands-on experiences with various animals.  Some day trips might include destinations like Gorman Nature Center, the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, the Cleveland or Columbus Zoo, an aquarium, Safari Adventures Animal Park, and more.  This unique camp will allow the campers to gain age-appropriate educational and interactive experiences with various animals throughout the week.


Myths & Mysteries

Campers should come prepared to investigate! Can lightning strike the same place twice? Do earthworms regenerate when cut in half? They will spend the week debunking or proving common myths, solving puzzles, and investigating the “why!” Their week will culminate with an exciting trip to test their puzzle-solving skills in an escape room.


Nuhop News

At Nuhop News, campers have the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to be creative in the visual and digital world, all while still being in the beautiful setting of Nuhop!  Learn about video, photography, and more as we spend time at Nuhop and the surrounding area. Campers will get to put these skills to use and digitally record the week at Nuhop through a social media takeover!


Leadership Camp

*Leadership Camp is an invitation-only program based on staff recommendations

Leadership camp is designed for return campers who are interested in developing increased leadership and learning about their leadership styles. Leadership skills, team-building activities, building on communication, collaboration, and group skills are the focus of leadership camp.  Campers are given a chance to practice these skills in a safe environment while learning a variety of games and activities.  During the week, these future leaders get the opportunity to learn how to transfer these skills to their everyday lives.


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