Corporate Development

Investing in the human capital within your organization is essential to the growth of your company. Nuhop has developed a series of corporate team building activities that shed light on organizational concepts that traditionally take years to integrate into the workplace. Nuhop’s team development programs create an atmosphere where participants are required to act intuitively and encouraged to step away from their existing work roles.

Through an in-depth needs assessment, Nuhop is able to integrate specific organizational core values, objectives, and goals into a customized curriculum that leads to stronger decision making as a team. These unique experiences are the perfect platform for developing a strong corporate team.


Our team development programs are customized to address your company’s current needs, including topics such as:

  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Goal Setting
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Coaching and Giving Feedback
  • Innovation


  • Awareness of each individual's strengths, skill sets, and personality traits
  • Development of leadership and communication skills
  • Increased rapport and confidence between team members
  • Improved understanding, trust and shared vision for developing strong leaders
  • Increased self awareness and development of an "I Can" Attitude

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