• Team Engaging in Cubes

Cubes is a brilliant experiential learning tool designed to illustrate the need for a win win mentality while balancing the need to achieve both individual and smaller team goals and objectives.  

Cubes is an ever-evolving challenge where teams must work collaboratively to minimize error while achieving a defined result.  Effective communication and planning skills are essential in order to achieve both small and large team success.  

Played over a series of rounds, Cubes allows participants to build skills and gain understanding of working under specific time restraints and operating rules.  As the process unfolds, team members must identify specific roles, responsibilities and accountabilities as well as strategies essential to collaboration with other teams in order to achieve both individual team and overall team success.

A working understanding of team dynamics within the context of creating a collegial environment where all teams have the opportunity to succeed is essential to achieving the goals of the Cubes project.  

Cubes requires effective critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as the ability for players to build consensus amongst constituencies.   Cubes can be used with groups up to 24 participants.  


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