Both physical and emotional safety are top priorities at Nuhop outdoor education programs. Students are always encouraged and never pressured to take part in our activities. All of our outdoor education activities are closely supervised by our trained staff, and safety equipment is always used when necessary.

Emotional Safety

Student safety begins with our Mission Statement: “To provide a safe, nurturing, dynamic learning environment where people are empowered to succeed.” We believe that in order to grow, students need to be both physically and emotionally safe. This belief is the foundation that our organization was established on in 1974, and continues to be the driving force in all of our educational outdoor programs.

Part of making sure that students feel safe emotionally at our outdoor programs for youth is our philosophy of “Challenge by Choice.” This philosophy allows students to choose their level of participation, especially in situations where the students may be outside their comfort zones. Nuhop Field Instructors help students to go beyond their own self-imposed limitations, but the final choice for the level of participation is entirely up to the participant.

Physical Safety

While the nature of experiential outdoor activity camps involves hands-on, highly engaged learning, every precaution is taken to ensure student safety. Students at Nuhop are supervised 24/7 by a combination of our staff and the school’s designated chaperones to make sure students stay safe.

  • Students are required to wear sturdy footwear within the woods or ropes course. (Please leave crocs and slides at home, or pack them to be used only as shower shoes)

  • A Nuhop staff member is assigned as a nighttime supervisor at each site each night. They are responsible for all aspects of operations and safety during evening and overnight hours.

  • All Nuhop instructors are required to go through the same background check as public school teachers in Ohio. Any adult staying in the cabins with the campers at night (parents, teachers, or other designated adults) will also be background checked.

  • All Nuhop instructors participate in thorough training and are only allowed to lead specialized activities for which they have received certification. (First aid and CPR are mandatory, and instructors may also receive certifications for archery, canoeing, ropes course operation, WFA/WFR, and more)

  • The Director of Facilities is responsible for ensuring that all facilities and equipment are maintained to OSHA standards.

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