Ben King
Director of Outdoor Education and Retreats
Prescott College

Ben King is the Co - Director of Outdoor Education and Retreats. He is a 2013 graduate of Hocking College and a 2016 graduate of Prescott College, holding degrees in Eco and Adventure Tourism, and Environmental Education. Ben, also known as, Big Bear, has a fiery passion to get kids and adults outside away from technology to connect them with nature and each other. He began instructing outdoor education at Nuhop during the Spring of 2011, and has since filled many roles throughout the Nuhop Organization. Ben has taken time to move West and adventure through the mountains, oceans and rivers, and has now returned to share with our clients the lessons he has learned along the way. Ben fills his recreational time with paddling on rivers, mountain biking, gardening and hiking in the Hocking Hills.

Matt Poland
Director of Outdoor Education and Team Pursuits
Baldwin Wallace University

Matt Poland joined the Nuhop full-time staff in January of 2014. He is the Co – Director of Outdoor Education and Team Pursuits. He has made an impact with his attention to detail, and his ability to work with diverse populations. Matt wears many hats in the Nuhop organization. During the summer he can be found maintaining and supervising the Challenge Course as well as supervising and training staff. During the Academic calendar year, Matt spends his time designing curriculum, coaching staff and rocking experiential education programs. Around Nuhop Matt goes by the handle Mountain.

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