Lynette Pirman
Green Local Schools in Smithville

“As Director of Outdoor Education from Green Local Schools in Smithville, I can tell you with certainty that this outdoor education center is at the top of its game when it comes to educating youth in an outdoor setting. In my tenure as a 6th grade teacher (22 years) and camp director for our district, I have experienced Outdoor Education at 3 different facilities/locations around Ohio, and The Nuhop Center for Experiential Education is far superior in every aspect.”

Herbert W. Broda, Ph.D.
Author of Schoolyard Enhanced Learning & Moving the Classroom Outdoors

“Without a doubt, the Nuhop staff is very knowledgeable about outdoor learning, curricular standards and expectations, and the unique dynamics of outdoor teaching. Nuhop’s Executive Director, Trevor Dunlap, has had extensive experience working with children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. His thorough understanding of learners and teaching sets high expectations for his dedicated staff of outdoor educators. Nuhop is truly a center for experiential learning. We are indeed fortunate to have a facility of this high caliber in Ohio”

Cloverleaf Local Schools

“Outstanding curriculum on the All Day Hike. The classes and teambuilding challenges were well organized and nicely tied to curricular standards. Nuhop’s instructors were knowledgeable and worked well with our kids. As always, we had a great experience at Nuhop”

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