Farm Camp

Please note that Camp Nuhop is doing everything in our power to create a safe camp environment during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are monitoring the situation closely and will make determinations about Specialty Camps ability to travel as more information becomes available. If Specialty Camps are not permitted to travel, Camp Nuhop will bring in specialists to program with your camper on site. This may include scientists, artists, or agriculturalists depending on the specialty camp you have chosen.

Farm Camp (8-12)

Does your camper show an interest in animals, where their food comes from, sustainability, and the science behind the plant life cycle? This camp will incorporate some farm to table activities, hands-on farming, and the exploration of local farms. Not only will this camp explore the food and growing elements of farms, but these campers will also have an opportunity to interact with farm animals and learn about what it takes to raise them and own a farm. They’ll explore how farms help our local communities thrive while having fun and getting their hands dirty!

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