Science Camp

Please note that Camp Nuhop is doing everything in our power to create a safe camp environment during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are monitoring the situation closely and will make determinations about Specialty Camps ability to travel as more information becomes available. If Specialty Camps are not permitted to travel, Camp Nuhop will bring in specialists to program with your camper on site. This may include scientists, artists, or agriculturalists depending on the specialty camp you have chosen.

Science Camp (ages 8-18)

*If this is your first adventure with Nuhop, please call the office before applying so we may discuss some of the Speciality On-Campus Based programs’ considerations

Interested in exploring science?  If you are, then science camp is the camp you will want! Learning the scientific method and doing age-appropriate daily experiments is the goal of science camp.  The week is packed full of activities and experiments that our future scientists will take part in: bottle rocket launch, a parachute-egg-drop, electrical circuits work, exploring chemical and physical change, as well as learning about the life cycles of plants and animals amongst other things.  A day trip to COSI, the Great Lakes Science Center or the Natural History Museum will be a highlight of the week at Science Camp!





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