America’s Cup Challenge

Teams of 5-6 people are given the rules, instructions and specifications for building their own specialized boat. Teams must determine the design for their water vehicle, choose point people for each project, and allocate resources to each project (e.g. human resources and materials.) Once this has been completed, the teams receive the actual materials and it is time to build. After the materials have been distributed and building has commenced, teams work on communication skills by negotiating with other teams for material resources.

When the building phase has been accomplished, all teams must showcase their designs in the boat parade. Teams then compete with one another in a race utilizing the water vehicle they just created. Laughter abounds as teams compete.

The America’s Cup Challenge is a team building activity filled with friendly competition, physical energy, and plenty of opportunity to explore group dynamics in pressure situations.

*Location for event must have a water source (i.e. pond, lake, large pool, etc.)

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