The Paperclip™

What Can You Do With a Red Paperclip? More Than You Think!

A few years back, a gentleman named Kyle McDonald set out on a mission to trade a red paperclip for something more valuable.

He traded his red paperclip for a Fish Pen, which he traded for a doorknob, then a Coleman stove, a red generator, a beer keg with neon Budweiser sign, a snowmobile, one trip to Yahk, BC., a cube van, one record contract, one year in Phoenix, one afternoon with Alice Cooper, a Kiss snowglobe, one movie role and finally a house in Kilping, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Kyle McDonald achieved his personal mission . . . he got his house from one simple paperclip. The concept of The Paper Clip Challenge as an innovative team development event is of even greater value. The challenge of this exercise is for your team to utilize their inner talent to muster up the confidence to trade up for the greater good.

The Nuhop Center will guide your team through the ground rules for this unique challenge where all teams will begin with a red paperclip . . . with the ultimate goal of trading the paperclip up to an item of value that can either be given to your company’s charity of choice or sold to benefit your selected charity. Does your team have what it takes to Trade Up?

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