Environmental Curriculum

Environment-based education emphasizes specific critical thinking skills central to “good science”—questioning, investigating, forming hypotheses, interpreting data, analyzing, developing conclusions, and solving problems. Nuhop’s Environmental Education classes emphasize learning through a problem- or project-based approach to help students gain a better understanding of what they learn, to retain it longer, and to take charge of their own learning.

The Wonders of Weather

  • This citizen-science class will allow students to utilize our new GLOBE certified weather station to make observations of basic weather and climate data.

All-Day Hike/Half-Day Hike

  • On the Mohican hike, students will study the delicate balance of the various species and the human effect on them.


  • In this class students will learn what characteristics differentiate birds from other animals through various games and activities.

Rotten Log Ecology

  • Through this class, students will be able to see the interactions between rotting logs and nearby plant and animal populations.

Stream Study

  • Students will use identification booklets and tools to collect data about a local stream.


  • Students may visit a sandstone cave, or hunt for fossils while they learn and discuss the processes of physical and chemical weathering.

Powering the Planet

  • Students will have an opportunity to explore and demonstrate sustainable energy practices by using our bicycle-powered generator and solar-powered charging station.

Hot Air Balloons

  • In this class students will utilize the scientific method to prove that air is matter. They will design, construct and launch a small-scale hot air balloon.

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