Night Activities

Camps have long used nighttime activities as a tool to create camp mythology that will be talked about for years. For many students, the highlight of each day comes at night when we begin the evening activities.  Each activity is designed to balance learning and fun and is scheduled for 7:30-8:45 pm. Depending on the dates of your trip, keep in mind that the amount of daylight may vary.

Night Hike

  • Students will take a short walk to an area of camp separate from the other groups. Once there, they will try a variety of games and hands-on activities to learn about nocturnal animals and their various adaptations. When it gets darker, students will learn about night vision and participate in some experiments to see how their rods and cones are affected by changing levels of light.


  • Our staff loves to share songs, skits, and stories with campers. During our campfire sing-a-long, students are encouraged to sing, dance, and participate in some interactive skits. If your students would like to perform their own skits or talent show acts, let us know so we can make time for them to practice and fit their acts into our program!


  • This friendly competition involves teams of students acting as “prey” animals and searching the woods for “resources.” As they wander around, there is a staff member playing the “predator” role and looking for the students. If students stay still, keep quiet, and use camouflage, they can escape and save their resources. When they encounter other teams, they can compete to steal each other’s resources. In order to survive the night, they must return to home base before “winter” at 8:45 pm and have the most resources.


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