Social and Emotional Development

Nuhop believes that creating opportunities where students are able to learn about their peers and themselves is important to the development of the child and the school community.  In the spirit of this belief, we have developed a few classes with the focus on developing positive relationships and individual growth. 


Initiatives (Team building)

  • Students will be given a series of problems that they must solve as a group.  Since the only way to successfully complete the task is to involve every member of the group, the emphasis is on group rather than individual success. After each activity, the facilitator will “process” with the group to discuss the activity and find both strengths and areas that may need improvement. Each task can be tailored to the group to encourage each student to participate to the best of their ability. Emphasis for this class is placed on trust, communication, cooperation, listening, leadership, and sharing of ideas.

Nature Art

  • In this class, students will see some examples of “nature art” by artist Andy Goldsworthy, and then will then be taken on a short nature hike to look for inspiration and hunt for natural materials. Instructors will assist students in creating one of a kind, all natural art pieces out in the woods, while discussing the value of creating a project that will eventually return to the earth. They may also use more traditional mediums to depict their experience in nature, such as creating a drawing inspired by the colors of the leaves in the fall. All students will have the opportunity to critique their classmates’ designs, and present their own for review.

Woods Words

  • Students will hike into the woods as a group and will find their own “quiet place.” The instructor will lead them through a variety of sensory exercises designed to increase their awareness and their appreciation of the forest. Then, using a variety of writing skills and styles, the students will describe their experience. They will have opportunities to present stories, poems, and observations to the rest of the class.

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