Survivor Challenge

As part of this group team building activity, participants are broken down into pre-determined groups of 3-5 people and then issued their own hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) device and the rules for The Survivor Challenge. The Nuhop staff trains each GPS Team with the basic knowledge needed to find the hidden geocaches on the venue. (A geocache is a hidden canister at a certain coordinate indicated on a GPS machine)

Each Team is given a predetermined amount of time to find as many geocaches as possible. When the teams locate a cache container, they must look inside to gain their next coordinates, as well as a card with a materials list. 

When the predetermined time is up, all teams return to the staging area on the beach, where they are required to merge with another team of 3-5 people. These groups receive materials based on their card selections for the second leg of The Survivor Challenge: building their own Dune Buggy or Specialized Boat.

Teams must determine the design for their water or land vehicle, choose point people for each project, and allocate resources to each project (e.g. human resources and materials.) Once this has been completed, the teams may turn in their cards to receive the actual materials. After the materials have been collected, teams work on communication skills by negotiating with other teams for material resources.

When the build phase is complete, all teams showcase their designs in the Buggy or Boat Parade! Each team is then competes in a Dune Buggy or Boat race utilizing the vehicles they just created. Laughter abounds as teams compete for the title of The Survivor Challenge.

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