High Ropes Course

The High Ropes Course Experience takes your team to new heights as they ascend to the top of our forty-foot tall, high ropes course. Each element is carefully designed to encourage participants to take risks towards personal and team growth.

Organization Development sessions that integrate the High Ropes Course enable teams to see individuals in a new light. Participants are taught the basic skills and language required to facilitate one another through physical challenges situated forty feet in the air.

During The High Ropes Course Experience participants traverse across rope bridges, hanging swings and missing link walkways. Team members have the opportunity to test their personal limits while engaging in a positive group experience.

All of our challenge course activities follow the philosophy of "Challenge by Choice" which allows participants to choose their level of participation during the event.

The High Ropes Course can be added to the curriculum of existing programs or it may be used to achieve the outcomes of team development, leadership, and trust during a stand-alone event.

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