Athletic Teams

What is the key to a successful athletic team?  Is it team communication, cohesiveness or chemistry?  Is it team culture, talent of team members, or a root in fundamentals? It is definitely more than x and o’s.  Each team is different and each team has its unique strengths and weaknesses. One thing that is true for most teams, is that we need to practice teamwork both on and off the playing field, court or venue.  

We believe it is the coaches job to not only teach the hard skills of the sport but the soft skills of effective social interactions of team members.  The quicker a coach can break down barriers and have the group work together as a team, the more success the team will have.

Nuhop has designed curriculum for athletic teams to assist coaches and players in learning the essential skills necessary to foster positive team environments.  Through a needs assessment our professional team of facilitators will use the information gathered to design a program that meets your team’s specific needs. We have programmatic modules that are hands on and focus on key team attributes such as: teamwork, adaptability, communication, focus & trust.  

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