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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got answers!

We've compiled some of our most frequently asked questions below. If after reading this, you still have a question, just contact one of our helpful team members for assistance.

Why is the application so long?

Our application is specifically designed to ask the questions that translate into knowing your child’s needs. Some of the main things we are looking for in the application are to ensure that we understand your child, your goals for your child and the little things that will help us to provide a program that will help your child grow and experience positive change.

How do I know if my child is ready to go to camp?

Often times, kids are more ready than their parents for a summer camp experience. In the midst of raising children, parents often forget that their kids have more skills and capacities than they believe. When you think about camps or the outdoors you think about active engagement (canoeing, hiking, & camping under the stars). Kids who are diagnosed with special needs are often active little folks. Their exuberant spirit is in the fabric of their being and they learn through their bodies. Camp Nuhop is designed for kids with these nuances and is set up for intentionally engaging kids through kinesthetic play and programming. With this camping model, our programmatic options and staff to camper ratio, kids find success through such camp experiences.

What will my child gain from participating in a Nuhop program?

One of the opportunities that Camp Nuhop offers is an environment designed to allow kids an opportunity to recognize that they are not that different from other “typical” kids and that they are “okay.” At Nuhop, our kids are recognized and celebrated daily for the unique skills and contributions they bring to the camp community. They are given a boost of self-esteem that may become second nature over time. When kids leave Nuhop, they have found successes, built friendships and have been recognized for their abilities vs. disabilities. They can see that there is life beyond labels.

What is the structure/essence of Camp Nuhop? How does it work?

At camp we start each session with each group of campers being placed in tribes (smaller camp groups) of three staff and seven campers. Each group functions as a smaller camp group within the larger Nuhop program. Each tribe creates their own norms for the week and creates their tribe name for the week. They begin to identify as a group. On the first day of the session we engage the kids in social skills exercises through get to know you games and teambuilding programming. Through this, intentional community is built with the kids and staff; this becomes a way of interacting with their tribe mates.

Much of Camp Nuhop’s success begins with the intentional design of programming and concludes with guided groups reflection or debriefing where appropriate. It is through this cycle of programming and learning that kids open up and begin to build their camaraderie and/or friendships. They relate!

Through the Nuhop experience, kids open up about their experiences and realize their experiences may not be that removed from other kids at camp, that maybe just maybe, their experience is more normal than they once thought. It is then that our campers may see themselves or their tribe-mates in a new light. Through “ah ha” moments like these, new found skills or beliefs crystallize and become something that the campers and staff carry forward when they go home.

The social skills programming often lead to kids meeting a friend for the first time. Overwhelmingly this is what parents are most pleased with when they get to camp and see their child walking arm in arm with another child. Many campers plan their next experience so they will be able to see one another again.

By placing children in a safe and nurturing environment, our campers are given the opportunity to be themselves in all of their uncanny spirit and to be supported with all of their nuances. At Nuhop our culture is to provide each youth with “unconditional acceptance”.

My camper takes daily medications. How will they be dispensed to my camper?

Many of our campers take daily medications. Our camp nurse and your child’s head counselor will meet with you at check-in to go through the medication and discuss remaining concerns or allergies. Please bring your child’s medications in the original, prescription container(s) to check-in. The head counselor of the child’s tribe will be in charge of administering the medication to the child according to the schedule you provide.

Each dosage of medication your child receives should be placed in an envelope with the child’s name on it, the date and time the medication should be taken, the name of the medication with dosage amount all written on the front of the envelope. Here is an example of what the envelope should look like.

What kind of food does Camp Nuhop serve its campers? What do you do about picky eaters? Do I need to send my child’s food?

Camp Nuhop serves a nutritious menu with hot and cold options at each meal. Meals are served family style with an emphasis on table manners, social skills and healthy attitudes. If your child requires special accommodations for their meals, you will be able to note those on your child’s medical form, and arrangements will be made by the director of dining services.

How physically fit does my camper need to be?

Campers should be able to walk short distances around camp and be prepared to participate in typical camp activities such as canoeing, swimming, and field games. During the longer all day hikes, several breaks are taken throughout the hike with snacks and water provided.

My camper has some behavioral problems during the school year, how will the staff at Nuhop address these concerns if they should occur at camp?

Discipline is handled on a case-by-case basis. The Nuhop summer staff attends a rigorous in-service training to address the various needs and issues our summer campers bring to the table. This training includes Crisis Prevention and Intervention, CPR/First Aid, along with group process and community engagement skills. Many times discipline will be handled in a group setting with the camper’s tribe. Individual and group expectations will be laid out on day one allowing Nuhop staff to maintain behavioral consistency throughout the week.

How do you hire and train your staff?

Our staff is carefully screened through extensive interviews, and a fingerprint background check. Every counselor goes through a 10 day in-service training to learn about the different aspects and philosophies associated with Nuhop. Feel free to read more about Nuhop’s full-time staff on our team page.

What should we bring to camp?

A list of things to bring can be found on the Camp Arrival page.

What is a typical day like at Camp Nuhop?

For those campers staying in camp each day starts at 7:30 in the morning and breakfast is served at 8. After breakfast camper will have many activities planned for them in their tribes depending on their group, from hiking around the Mohican forest and Malabar farm, to inner tubing and canoeing down a river, to many fun games around camp. Lunch is served at 12 and then campers will have rest time from 1 o’clock until 2 . After rest campers have more activities like slip n’ slide or free swim until dinner at 5:30. After dinner campers will have a few more activities before closing campfire at 8:30 where campers will sit around a fire and listen to skits and songs performed by their counselors.

Will I be able to contact my camper while he or she is at camp?

The Camp Nuhop program is designed to build a sense of independence, therefore, we do not allow telephone calls from campers to home. The camp encourages letter writing and emails from family and friends to the camper while at camp. Parents can bring letters from home to leave at check-in, which eliminates postal delays. If an emergency occurs, parents will contacted by a Nuhop Director.

What happens between sessions if my child is staying?

Activities can vary for those campers staying between sessions. The weekend is a great opportunity for campers to catch up on some rest from their active week. Campers may do activities like going to dinner and a movie, visit a playground, or catch an Akron Aeros baseball game. This is also when the prior week’s clothes to be washed and re-packed.

What happens when I drop off my camper on the first day?

When you and your camper arrive at Camp Nuhop for your check in time you will first check in at the main table where you may be asked to fill out any additional paper work. You then will meet with a camp nurse and your camper’s head counselor where you will go through any medications and discuss remaining concerns or allergies.

At this point one of the Jr. Counselors in training will assist you with your camper’s luggage to their assigned cabin. You may help your camper set up their bunk. After leaving the cabin you can say your goodbyes and your camper will be taken to their assigned tribe.

What happens on the last day I pick up my camper?

The last day of camp is a special time for your camper as it is a time for them to be center stage. During the awards ceremony every tribe will get the opportunity to introduce their tribe and tell a little bit about some of the activities they participated in that week. After all introductions are complete each tribe will go to their assigned area where the counselors present your camper with their “Grande Finale” award. This is an important time for your camper because it gives them the opportunity to be center stage and for you to hear more detail about some of the exciting activities they participated in that week.

My child is staying between sessions. Is there a laundry service?

Yes. A laundry service is provided for those campers staying between sessions.

What if my camper has a problem with bedwetting?

For those campers with a bedwetting problem it is recommended that an extra set of sheets be packed. If at any point during the week the bedding becomes soiled the bedding is washed and returned to the camper. Discretion is used to ensure the privacy of the camper.

What is your camper to staff ratio?

At Camp Nuhop we keep a low camper to counselor ratio of 3:7. We provide highly trained, experienced counselors who want to work with your camper to provide a positive camp experience.

Can my camper attend more than one session?

We do accept campers for more than one session. Arrangements can be made for those campers staying in between sessions.

What if my camper gets homesick?

Campers who have never slept away from home, or have not yet established an independent schedule from home, may experience some homesickness. THIS IS TO BE EXPECTED! We take great pride in making certain your camper is given ample love and attention, and to direct them into activities that will help them have the best camp experience Camp Nuhop has to offer.