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The Adventure Race™

The spirit of competition and physical challenge is at the core of this unique teambuilding adventure. During The Adventure Race™, the participants are broken down into teams. Each team functions as a unit during race and must complete each leg of the race as a unit. The Adventure Race is comprised of three legs:

  • The Mountain Bike Course
  • The Canoe Course
  • The Running Course

The core of The Adventure Race is not only completing the physical challenge of each leg, but more importantly working through the special tasks before each leg. In order for a team to move forward during the race, they must complete each special task successfully. This event is filled with friendly competition, physical energy and plenty of opportunities to explore the dynamics of a group in pressure situations.

America’s Cup Challenge

The America’s Cup Challenge is a development event requiring participants to design, create, and race a boat on the shores of Lake Erie or any lake!

As participants arrive, groups are formed into teams of 5-6 people. Each team is given the rules, instructions and specifications for building their own specialized boat. At this point, teams must determine the design for their water vehicle, choose point people for each project, and allocate resources to each project (e.g. human resources and materials.) Once this has been completed, the teams may turn their cards in for the actual materials. After the materials have been collected, teams may negotiate with other teams to trade and barter for material resources.

When the building phase has been accomplished, all teams must showcase their designs in the boat parade. Each team is then presented with the race circuit. Teams must compete with one another in the water utilizing the water vehicle they just created. Laughter abounds as teams compete.

The America’s Cup Challenge is filled with friendly competition, physical energy and plenty of opportunity to explore the dynamics of a group in pressure situations.

Cycle Works Collaborate, Build, Succeed!

The Cycle Works Program is the ultimate communication simulation program. This program serves as an excellent example of how teams function in their day-to-day work environments. During this session, teams begin to understand that they must break down barriers and enhance cross-functional teamwork to complete the task of constructing a bike within a given time frame. This highly engaging event illustrates the need for effective decision-making, sharing of information and efficient communication skills. The event is complete when all teams showcase their building skills by giving their completed bike to a local charity or needy family.

Participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of existing team dynamics
  • Experience the need to identify roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities
  • Interact with colleagues on a personal level in a fun and informal environment
  • Identify the advantages of cooperation vs. competition
  • Give back to community

During this session the group is divided into different teams each with distinct roles. This challenging event requires teams to construct a bicycle, piece by piece. The completed bikes are given to a local charity or needy family.

The Daytona Challenge

The Daytona Challenge is an exciting event based on the concepts of friendly competition, collaboration and collegiality. After a session of icebreakers, teams are formed and given the task of building race cars out of a limited set of materials. Each race car must be built within the framework of pre-determined specifications, but teams are given creative freedom with their designs.

After all cars are created, the competing teams gather to share their designs during the New Car Design Expo. Following the expo, there is a Pre-Race Parade, and then it is off to the pits to prepare for the main event. Laughter abounds as teams compete for the champion title of The Daytona Challenge!

The GPS Adventure™ A Modern-Day Scavenger Hunt

The GPS Adventure™ takes the use of modern technology to a new level. This event involves one or more teams going on a high-tech scavenger hunt. Each team is given a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit and taught basic GPS skills. Once the newfound skills are acquired, teams traverse around the resort and conference center trying to find pinpointed coordinates. At each of these locations, the teams must either participate in a physical challenge, puzzle, or debrief questions in order to get their next set of coordinates.

The event is a combination of intense physical and mental activity, a modern-day version of the old orienteering team challenges. During the GPS Adventure teams must plan, communicate and execute to achieve their goals. The GPS Adventure is a fun way to examine team dynamics in a highly engaging setting.

Mission Possible™ A High Tech Team Event

Mission Possible is Nuhop’s version of a high energy, fun and engaging scavenger hunt. We have taken the best practices of reality television and modern day technology to create a scavenger hunt that your colleagues will be talking about for years to come.

Mission Possible programs begin by dividing your group into teams of 6-8 people. Each team is equipped with either a Smart Phone or iPod Touch prior to the beginning of the race. Traditional hunts equip you with a scavenger hunt list, a digital camera, a collection pack and a map of the venue or city whereas Mission Possible sends you these staples with tools you use on a daily basis i.e. picture messaging, voice messaging, video messaging, text messages, QR's and links to specific URL’s and blogs. Just to keep things a bit on the old school side, we prepare a few traditional scavenger hunt exercises that you will engage in while on The Mission Possible Challenge.

Just like the reality show "The Amazing Race", teams will race through the city or around the chosen venue to solve puzzles, decipher clues, earn points and work together as a team to achieve ultimate team success. Each Mission Possible Event is customized to that specific location or venue.

As each team completes a mission they send notification's via Twitter that the mission has be completed. When all the events have been completed and all teams have returned, teams reconnect and are asked to reflect upon their epic journey prior to celebrating their successes.

On Target™ A Grown Up Version of Mouse Trap

As team members enter the conference room they are filled with intrigue because in the middle of the room there are piles of materials including, pulleys, ropes, marbles, bowling balls, mousetraps, gears and more.

This 3-4 hour team development program asks participants to design and construct a Rube Goldberg style machine. A Rube Goldberg machine or device is a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction. The very simple task during the On Target program is to launch a ball into a bucket.

During the On Target Program, the larger group is split into smaller teams comprised of 4-5 people. Each team is given responsibility for constructing one part of the machine. Each team’s initial reaction is to work in isolation without consultation with the other teams. Each team has the responsibility of creating a device that has 2-3 chain reactions within it’s design, although these chain reactions need to connect with the chain reactions of those around them. To be successful during this exercise teams must remain focused on the end goal of creating the On Target Machine.

There is only a certain amount of equipment for all teams to use within the room, therefore communication amongst teams is very important for successful completion of the task. This fun and engaging program illustrates the business elements of managing a project successfully, innovation, assigning roles, responsibilities and accountabilities and the deliverable of producing a final product that works. At the end of this exercise, participants experience a sense of collaboration and success as team members promote a “One Team” attitude.

The Paperclip™ What Can You Do With a Red Paperclip? More Than You Think!

In today’s fast paced society, we often forget about the simple things that are important in this world. The simple act of giving is one of these things. Giving in the context of The Paperclip Challenge is a bit different than just giving of our time and resources it is the art of giving or trading for a greater purpose.

A few years back a gentleman named Kyle McDonald set himself on a mission (for personal gain) to trade a red paperclip for something more valuable. His ultimate goal was to trade this item up to eventually get a house. Did he achieve his goal, well the answer is listed below:

He traded his red paperclip for a Fish Pen, that turned into a doorknob, then a coleman stove, a red generator, a beer keg with neon Budweiser sign, a snowmobile, one trip to Yahk, BC., a cube van, one record contract, one year in Phoenix, one afternoon with Alice Cooper, a Kiss snowglobe, one movie role and finally A House at 503 Main Street in Kilping, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Kyle McDonald achieve his personal mission . . . he got his house from one simple paperclip. The concept of The Paper Clip Challenge as a team development event is one of greater value. The challenge of this exercise is for your team to embark on a journey that will tap each team members inner talent to muster up the confidence to trade up for the greater good.

The Nuhop Center will guide your team through the ground rules for this unique challenge where all teams will begin with a red paperclip . . . with the ultimate goal of trading the paperclip up to an item of value that can either be given to your company’s charity of choice or sold to benefit your selected charity. Does your team has what it takes to Trade Up?

Playhouses for Tots™ A Philanthropic Team Program Constructive Collaboration

Playhouses for Tots” provides a teambuilding session designed to showcase constructive collaboration and collective imagination. The Nuhop Center provides all building materials, a detailed set of instructions, and thematic possibilities. Teams of 4-6 participants coordinate to build and decorate a playhouse for underprivileged children. The pace is fast and fun and the outcomes are many. Teams relate to choosing roles, dividing tasks, and forging individual parts into a cohesive whole.

During this session each team is given a description of a child in need. Once the child’s description is given, teams are charged with the task of building and painting a custom backyard playhouse based on the child’s life story and interests. Certain building materials are earned by participating in engaging team development exercises. Each exercise is carefully chosen to meet your learning objectives. Come build your team while helping a child in need!

Nuhop provides all building materials and tools.

  • Construction skills are not necessary
  • Perfect for both large and small teams
  • Charities chosen by you or Nuhop


PlayNote is designed to foster unity and enthusiasm in your team, but with one critical difference - Nuhop Playnotes emphasize active and, most importantly, playful audience interaction. Rather than have the audience sit in their seats as passive entertainees, a Nuhop Playnote ignites the playful and energetic capacities of the audience by using them as active members of the address and creates intentional learning opportunities and connection points through purposeful play.


While similar to a traditional workshop session, a Nuhop Playshop is a practical educational program or seminar where participants learn about and experience methods, techniques or skills used in a particular field. But instead of a program where the instructors employ traditional instructional tools (our dear friends PowerPoint, whiteboards, and handouts), a Nuhop Playshop fully engages participants with interactive group play and Intentional Kinesthetic Programming (IKP) to emphasize the central knowledge, skills, or concepts. Ignite, Play and Learn!


A Nuhop Playstorming session utilizes the most effective components of traditional ideation sessions, focusing on problem-solving, spontaneous contribution, deliberative inquiry of ideas and solutions. The Nuhop process differs from the traditional table-based sessions as we shift participants to “think-on-their-feet” by integrating thought provoking games and exercises, interactive whiteboarding activities, and an overriding playful energy to spark creativity and innovation.

Roll On

Jump feet first into Nuhop’s newest team event. Using the innovative synthetic Key Logs as the focal point of they event your team will get rolling in new and fun ways. The Roll On event with help your group unplug and experience learning and growth as a team. The beauty of a Roll On Event is that most team members will have no more knowledge of Log Rolling than others on the team, creating an equity not often seen in the workplace.

When the team arrives, member will be divided into groups of 6 - 7 folks. With a little training and some tried and true methods your organization will be primed and ready to go head to head with the other teams in the Roll On Event. This is sure to be an adventure that will make a splash!

Straight Up PLAY!

Dust off the old lawn chairs. Lace up those unused sneakers. Put on an extra layer of sunscreen. Today my friends, we go out and PLAY! While the notion may sound simple, “...the genius of play is that, in playing, we create imaginative new cognitive combinations. And in creating those novel combinations, we find what works” (Brown, 2009). Play fuels our imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and improves our overall mental health. It is amazing that something so important happens so infrequently in our everyday lives. To fight this trend, we have taken the best traditional, and not so traditional, lawn games and created an event full of playful surprises dedicated to the pursuit, discovery, and mastery of the art of play. A team that plays together, stays together!

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Project is a truly unique opportunity for organizations to get involved with a worthwhile cause at the same time as building your team. Helping Hands developed by Odyssey Teams is more than just a team building or training activity. Participants in this dynamic program build prosthetic hands that are donated to amputee landmine victims throughout the developing world. The activity is built on action and the purposeful engagement of changing someones life on the other side of the world.

Helping Hands is about helping those who have been affected by adversity. The artificial hands that teams build find their way to an amputee and mine victim that would not otherwise be able to afford a prosthesis.

The Helping Hands program, delivered by Nuhop’s expert facilitators teaches your group to model true collaboration, commitment and compassion. Forty years of facilitation, organizational development and coaching is behind every Helping Hands program. You won’t believe what can be done in two to four hours when you engage your hands, heads and hearts.


Ignite is a Digital networking event for conventions, meetings and seminars? Ignite is a great way to engage your conference attendees and provide them with unique and interactive ways to network with their peers. No conference is the same therefore the design process for Ignite Conference Programs customizes to your conference objectives and needs.

The event is played via digital platforms including a customized app. (iPhone), twitter and dropbox as well as other current apps and web based platforms. Player’s scores are tracked and posted on a digital leaderboard called a retriever. Do you want to Ignite new networks? Do you want to ignite participant engagement? Vendor Engagement? Creativity? Fun? Through Ignite we are going to help you drive your conference attendees to speakers, booths and each other in order to build stronger networks.

Its time to ignite a spark at your conference!

Survivor Challenge

The Teams arrive at the venue and begin the day with a highly engaging mix of energizers, team challenges and communication activities to set the stage for the main event of The Survivor Challenge.

As participants arrive at the venue they are broken down into pre-determined groups of 3-5 people. Each group is issued their own hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) device and the rules for The Survivor Challenge. The Nuhop staff trains each GPS Team with the basic knowledge needed to find the hidden geo caches on the venue. (A geo cache is a hidden canister at a certain coordinate indicated on a GPS machine)

Once each GPS Team has a grasp of their new technology, it is off to the races. Each Team is given a predetermined amount of time to find as many caches as possible. When the teams locate a cache container, they must look inside to gain their next coordinates. They must also select a card with a list of materials on it. Later in The Survivor Challenge, teams will be required to turn in their cards for the materials in order to build a dune buggy and boat. Each card is unique with a list of different materials on them so The GPS Teams must be selective on their card choice. At a few of the caches, teams must successfully complete a choice of two tasks prior to selecting their cards and receiving their new coordinates.

When the predetermined amount of time is up, all teams must come back to the staging area on the beach where they are required to merge with another team of 3-5 people. These groups form the new teams for the second leg of The Survivor Challenge. Each team is then given the rules for this leg, which includes instruction, and specs for the building of their Dune Buggy or Specialized Boat.

At this point, teams must determine the designs for their land or water vehicles and determine point people for each project. They must allocate resources to each project; i.e. human resources and materials. Once this has been completed, the teams may turn their cards in for the actual materials. After the materials have been collected, teams may negotiate with other teams to trade and barter for material resources.

When the build phase is complete, all teams must showcase their designs in the Buggy or Boat Parade! Each team is then presented with a race circuit. Teams must compete with one another in a Dune Buggy or Boat Race utilizing the land or water vehicles they just created. Laughter abounds as teams compete for the title of The Survivor Challenge.

Gardening for Good Sow the Seeds of Change!

One of Nuhop's Community Impact Series of Team Development Programs, Gardening for Good, focuses of building relationships with your colleagues while giving back to community. Gardening for Good provides opportunities for your team to engage with the larger community by either building a new community garden or rejuvenating an existing garden or community park.

Nuhop will guide your team through a series of challenges that focus on a specific community need. Based on the events location, Nuhop will coordinate with the local municipality, green corps, school district or charity to develop a project that will have a lasting impact for not only your team but the community being served.

Equipped with all the tools and resources necessary to be successful, your team must plan, design and deliver results within the projects parameters. Each team will have to plan wisely as there will be much to accomplish during the event.

The Nuts and Bolts of Business

Each Nuts and Bolts Program focuses on the higher order thinking skills that are required in today's global marketplace. Nuts and Bolts Programs are based on practical, experiential and brain based learning activities. Programs range in topics from Communication and Leadership Skills to Strategic Development with many topics in between.

Other Seminar Topics Include:

  • Managing Effective Meetings
  • Developing Others Through Coaching
  • Innovation and Breakthrough Thinking
  • Working with a Customer Focus

Wheel Chair Build

The Wheelchair Build Program is a great way to build your team through building Wheelchairs for others. This engaging program was designed to focus on Community Impact and Social Responsibility. The event begins with a series of ice breakers to get folks rolling in the same direction while at the same time frontloading the goals for this meaningful team development event. In this professionally facilitated event, the larger group is broken down into teams. Each team is asked to participate in different challenges in order to earn the materials and parts needed to build the wheel chair.

Challenges include riddles, cerebral tasks and physical exercises. Each challenge is intentionally selected based on the outcomes discussed through a needs assessment with your company. When each team has completed the tasks of building their wheelchair, they move onto the Nuhop inspection team to ensure that they are ready for donation. After all teams complete the construction of their wheelchair, teams gather to reflect on their team performance. Once the reflection period is complete, teams gather and prepare for the Wheelchair team races. The completion of the event occurs after all races have occured and the wheel chairs are ready for shipment to the charity of your organizations choice.

Planning on the location of the event, Nuhop will coordinate with the charity to have a spokesperson receive the chairs for the recipients of the newly constructed chairs.

Customized Programs

Nuhop's Team of Professional Facilitators work diligently to create customized programs to meet our client's needs. After identifying each clients' desired outcomes, we pull from our bag of tricks that has been cultivated over a 40 year period. Our customized programs enable us to dig a little deeper to create a program that is as unique as the companies specific needs and current culture. Let Us Create A Program Specifically for You!