• CrowdWord Cards

Many times, it is the simplest of ideas that can have the most profound impact. The CrowdWords© tool focuses on an experiential methodology that strips away the trappings of equipment/material-heavy facilitation and focuses instead on using a simple “alphabet deck” as the sole instrument for delivering a scaffolded progression of activities designed to foster deep collaboration and experiential engagement. In this instance, less is certainly more!

In its simplest form, CrowdWords© can be used as a collection of fun and engaging activities to build out any number of programmatic objectives. To assist in your selection of the “right” activity for your participants, we have organized all 26 experiences into four core interactions: introduce, cooperate, collaborate, and reflect.

The CrowdWords© tool is comprised of 184 letter cards designed to assist facilitators in creating deeper engagement with their participants.  With your purchase you will recieve the CrowdWords© deck and activity book. 



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