Break Out Box

Have you “Broken-Out” yet? The idea of an “Escape Room” might be seen as a novelty activity, however, planning a “Breakout” or “Escape Room” experience for your retreat might be just what your offsite needs. These types of experiences are a great way to build your team and just have fun!

What is a Portable Breakout?

A Breakout is a series of puzzles, activities and team building activities that participants must solve in a specified amount of time to unlock various locks on a box to reach whatever is placed inside the box. Unlike other “Escape Rooms” participants are not trying to escape a physical location, they are instead trying to solve a series of puzzles or participate in a series of tasks to reach an end goal.

A Breakout can be done using a physical box and locks, in a virtual format, or a combination of the two. This type of activity builds team relationships as the participants must work together either in partners or small groups to complete the task. Breakouts are also great for assessment of team and individual capacities.

Ready to get started with your first Breakout? Let Nuhop bring the fun to your next offsite.

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