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Today’s students spend a lot of time on technology both in and outside of the classroom.  They are digital natives! This is their area of comfort and expertise, yet society still expects these students to engage face to face in groups, on teams and within student organizations.  It is our job to help students learn to function in these environments. Nuhop has created programs to engage students in hands on situations where they will build skills that count!

Through Nuhop’s carefully designed programs, students are encouraged to build effective communication, leadership and team skills.  Through an in depth needs assessment the Nuhop team will learn about the culture of your student body or group and pick the appropriate sessions to help students learn about themselves, their peers and how each student’s strengths can affect the outcomes of the whole group.

Nuhop’s facilitators are high energy and encourage playful learning which provides a safe space where students are more likely to laugh and connect with one another.   The goal is to break down social barriers and provide experiences where no student has more knowledge than another therefore leveling the playing field. At the end of the day, students come away with a larger sense of belonging, purpose and stronger relationships with their peers.  

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