Adventure Curriculum

Adventure has long played a critical role in human development, but only recently have adventure and outdoor experiences shifted from necessary or utilitarian to primarily recreational.  Nuhop has designed a variety of teaching and learning activities and experiences usually involving a close interaction with an outdoor natural setting and containing elements of real or perceived danger or risk.  It is through this process that our team provides a safe environment where students will be guided to a new comfort zone in turn allowing for personal and team development.


  • In this class, students will study dome design and how it compares in strength and stress with other building designs. Using logs and ropes, students will work together to construct a geodesic dome.

Survival Skills

  • The focus of this class is placed on survival situations, i.e. shelter building, fire starting, finding water, and edible plants.

Compass Challenge

  • After receiving instruction in the basic functions and parts of the compass students will have the opportunity to put those skills to use on our in-camp compass course.


  • After learning parts of the canoe, basic strokes, and rescue procedures, students will canoe along the Mohican River and/or on Pleasant Hill Lake.

Ropes Course (5th grade and above)

  • The high ropes involve a series of 8 challenges that take place 25-40 feet in the air. With encouragement, students often are more successful than they first expect, which builds their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Giant Swing (5th grade and above)

  • Participants are seated in a safety harness, attached to 2 cables, and pulled as high as 40 feet in the air by their teammates.  Participants choose the height they want to swing from 0 to 40 feet.

Panther Pole (6th grade and above)

  • The Panther Pole Experience involves climbing twenty-five feet up in the air and standing on top of a telephone pole that has an 8-inch diameter.  He or she leaps off of the telephone pole towards the ball that is suspended nearby.

Evening Activities

  • Camps have long used nighttime activities as a tool to create camp mythology that will be talked about for years,For many students the highlight of each day comes at night when we begin the evening activities. Each activity is designed for learning and fun.
  • Night Hike
  • Predator and Prey
  • Campfire

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